1000 cranes for sadako

the project

HIS Thousand Crane Club receives thousands of paper cranes from schools, organisations and individuals around the World each year. Club organisers hang these cranes at the childrens monument (Sadako statue) on behalf of the senders.



Project description

contact the 1000 Crane Club by writing to:

1000 Crane Club,

Hiroshima International School,

3-49-1 Kurakake, Asakita-ku,

Hiroshima,  739-1743


What we do and why

We fold 1000 cranes to Hiroshima,
to give them our sympathy to show. 2 days, we have folded the cranes, they are counted and on a tape pulled.
Lisa and Wulan
All students have participated in this project was fun and give a lot of trouble
to a piece of peace after Rehna fetch.